Concordia Classical Academy has a required dress code. While wearing uniforms may not be everyone’s favorite rule, most children eagerly wear with pride the uniform of their favorite sports team or the team on which they have earned a place. In the same way, we hope each Concordia student values being a member of our student body and wears the school’s uniform with pride.

Being a Concordia student is a privilege. As such, we expect our students to know the uniform guidelines and attend to their dress each day so our tutors don’t have to. This keeps our tutors from having to be the “police” and thus allows the student-tutor relationship to flourish.

Please take a moment to read the full CCA 2023 – 2024 Uniform Guidelines.


School Uniforms Available At Lands’ End

Concordia Classical Academy has partnered with Lands’ End to make school uniform shopping easier.

Lands’ End CCA School Uniform Page

Lands’ End Ordering Instructions

Lands’ End Fit Guide