How much time do students spend on their schoolwork on home days?

This question comes up often and will vary depending on the child’s personality and learning style. Approx: Primary (K-2) students spend 1 to 2 and a half hours per day, Grammar students spend approx 3-4 hours per day, and Upper school students spend 4-6 hours per day.


Do you offer a-la-cart options?

No, CCA students must take the full load of classes per grade and be committed to completing their assignments at home.


What does a “normal” day on campus look like?

At CCA a we begin with morning assembly all together with the pledge to the American flag, a hymn, and our school prayer. After that we begin classes together in block hours, so students can travel to their needed classes depending on age. Primary (K-2) classes have 25min. lunch, followed by 30min recess, 30min quiet rest and book time, afternoon Music/Art class, and 1 1/2 hours of Christian studies and Enrichment.
Grammar students have 25min lunch, followed by 20min recess, Music/Art, and then continue with their last 4 subjects for the day. Upper school students have 30min for lunch, 15min recess, and continue the rest of the day in their studies. We end our day with a closing assembly together for prayer and dismissal.


Are you able to accommodate non-traditional learners?

We have set our classes in a block schedule so students have the ability to move from class to class according to their needs. Further accommodations are handled after a conversation with the director and assessment on a case by case basis.


Are you affiliated with any church or denomination?

We do not advocate or teach positions of any one denomination. See our statement of faith for more information. Our teachers emphasize the unity of the Christian faith but will not linger on divisive topics or advocate for positions of secondary importance.